Why You Should Keep Your Elders’ Air Clean!

is-there-a-connection-between-dementia-and-dirty-airCaring for the elderly is important, as you’ll be making sure that they are comfortable in old age and can pass on their stories and wisdom to the next generation.

Just one way of doing this is by making sure the elders in your community are able to breath clean air. Scientists believe there may be a link between high levels of magnetite in the air and the elevated levels found in the brains of those who are suffering from dementia. To clean the air in the homes of older people, make sure that you bring them a portable air purifier, and put it by their bed. Upgrading the filters in their HVAC to be a higher quality helps to reduce particles in the air, too.

Take a look at this guide to find out how polluted air could be related to dementia, and help keep your elders healthy.

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