Fitness Tips to Survive Weekend Social Events

 By: Shelly Rojas, ICC Fitness Manager

Don’t Starve, Don’t Binge! Just Eat Right, Exercise and You Will Get There!


Tip #1: Eat before you go to an event

If you’re going to an event all starved you are more likely to overindulge in comfort foods. Eating before stepping out for your party, will help you control portion sizes of your meals!



Tip #2: Drink a glass of water before your meal

Your body cannot distinguish the difference between dehydration and hunger. As per an article on, “When you do not drink enough water, your body receives mixed signals on hunger”So, drink a glass of water before your meal and that will help                                                                                           you control your meal sizes.



Tip #3: Take your time and eat slow

It takes about 20 minutes for your brain to tell your stomach that it is full and you can pack a lot of food in 20 minutes if you eat fast. Take your time when eating so you can also enjoy your meal! 

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